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Your pearly whites don’t really demand much of you. They flourish under the proper care, like a twice daily brushing and flossing oral hygiene routine, along with a visit to the dentist every six month for cleanings and checkups. In return, they serve you well as you smile, talk, and chew every day! Adding a good mouthwash rinse can also help fortify your teeth and gums health.

Choose a mouthwash with the American Dental Association seal of acceptance on the label. This ensures that it has been proven both safe to use while being effective as well.What can you look forward to when using mouthwash? Depending on the type of mouthwash you choose, you can experience the following:

Fluoride in your mouthwash will help keep cavities and periodontal disease away by strengthening tooth enamel and preventing dental decay.

Arginine in your mouthwash helps seal dentinal tubules in a sensitive tooth. This relieves tooth pain for teeth that hurt when exposed to hot or cold temperature extremes.

Better Smelling
Antimicrobial mouthwashes not only help remove tiny food particles but also kill bacteria which can make your breath smell bad.

Germ fighting
Chlorhexidine glucose in your mouthwash kills germs that can harm your teeth and gums and stops bacterial growth. Bacteria and food debris can quickly form into plaque which sticks to the teeth and gums and hardens fairly quickly into tartar. Tartar causes gingivitis and usually requires removal using special tools by your dentist.

Soothing Action
Salt in water used as mouthwash helps soothe inflammation such as canker sores or other oral infection, and can aid in healing the affected area. Salt water changes the pH of the mouth, which can deter the production of microorganisms, though it doesn’t kill them outright. It is very helpful in soothing mucus membranes.

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