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Many people decide to go see the dentist when they have a toothache or loose tooth, discover a cavity or, they experience an injury to their teeth or mouth. The fact is that the time to go see the dentist is before any of those things happen! Dr. Robert Eversole at Robert Eversole, DDS, PC in Greensburg, Indiana recommends that you schedule an office visit every six months for a cleaning and a checkup. Even if you aren’t experiencing any negative symptoms, a regular dental checkup can spot small problems before they become big ones, and can prevent problems from occurring.

During your visit, the dentist or hygienist will ask you questions about your medical history. They may take x-rays to get a better understanding of your teeth and jaws. The hygienist will clean your teeth and the doctor will perform an examination of your mouth to check for cavities, oral cancer, and to see if you are at risk for any diseases of the teeth or gums.

If you have dentures or another type of appliance, the doctor will examine it to make sure that it fits correctly. In some cases, doctor may want to talk with you about your diet, habits and other parts of your life that may influence your oral health. The staff might even give you tips on how brush and floss more effectively.

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