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Each person needs to floss every day to keep your smile healthy. Yet, many people do not understand the importance of dental floss or the options to choose from. As a result, our dentist, Dr. Robert Eversole with Robert Eversole, DDS, PC in Greensburg, Indiana, is happy to share that insight with you, so keep flossing each.

Flossing a significant factor in having positive oral health. Without flossing each day, you are putting your oral health at risk for serious oral health concerns. However, there are three critical types of dental floss that can be used for your unique needs.

Waxed Dental Floss

Waxed floss is a traditional floss that is very slick and easy to use. This type of floss is ideal for those who have tight or misaligned teeth, or teeth that are very close together and hard to floss. The wax in your floss makes the floss slide between your teeth easier.

Water Dental Flossers

Water flossers is a newer way to floss your teeth that uses a jet of water pressure to clean your teeth and gums. It is a thriving option for those who struggle with traditional floss and any coordination. Water flossers are also easy on the gums and becoming increasingly popular.

Unwaxed Dental Floss

Unwaxed floss is also a traditional form dental floss. In fact, it is fantastic for those who have aligned teeth and don’t need the extra slickness to try and wedge between teeth. This floss works great to keep your teeth flossed and healthy.

No matter what type of dental floss you decide, the vital thing to remember is to keep flossing. The main idea is any type of dental floss is better than no dental floss at all.

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