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A thing we all must remember is that having a dental crown does not mean we can put off basic dental care. It does protect what is left of the tooth it covers, but that is the extent of its protection. Also, a crown is not the strongest thing on earth, so it requires your protection to keep it from breaking.

There is not much difference in the level of toughness between your natural teeth and the dental crown. A crown can chew most food, but it can break if you chow down on too many hard foods, like hard candy, popcorn kernels and ice. Items like these can harm both natural teeth and dental crowns if you habitually chew them. The crown will be okay as you are careful of what hard foods you eat and as you remember to suck on the ice and candy instead of crushing them. As always, keep the candy to a minimum.

Also, take notice if you start grinding or clenching your teeth. These actions can also harm your teeth and dental crown over time. As you work to curb or prevent these habits, the crown can last longer.

You will need to take care of any plaque trying to claim the space around your crown as its own. Your gum tissue is still open to infection if plaque builds up, which is how gum disease happens. However, as long as you keep up with regular brushing and flossing, you can reduce your risk of gum disease. You can further protect yourself by visiting our dentists, Drs. Eversole and Sullivan, for a simple dental cleaning.

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