Root Canals and Retreatment

What have you heard about root canal therapy? Would you be surprised to learn that the treatment may not be as bad as you’ve heard? In fact, most patients who’ve had root canal therapy claim that it isn’t any worse than having a cavity filled. This is good news since root canals may be more… Read more »

Finding the Right Mouthwash for You

Your pearly whites don’t really demand much of you. They flourish under the proper care, like a twice daily brushing and flossing oral hygiene routine, along with a visit to the dentist every six month for cleanings and checkups. In return, they serve you well as you smile, talk, and chew every day! Adding a… Read more »

The Best Way to Care for Your Smile

Do you find yourself frustrated with floss or with your toothbrush? Do you feel like you aren’t getting your smile quite clean enough? If so, have you ever considered using powered tools to keep your smile fresh and clean? Fortunately, no matter why you struggle to keep your smile clean, there is an alternative you… Read more »